The Graber Visualizer: New virtual tool lets consumers see exactly how a window treatment will look using their own room photos

Posted October 23, 2020

MIDDLETON, WI – Aug. 13, 2020 – Graber, a Springs Window Fashions company, has unveiled a new, simple solution to selecting custom window treatments: the Graber Visualizer. Available on, this innovation enables consumers to upload a photo and preview how thousands of possible treatments and combinations will look in the intended space, instilling confidence in their ultimate choice.

Historically, consumers have only had access to fabric swatches to envision how new widow treatments will look in their home. The Graber Visualizer uses augmented reality technology for consumers to easily visualize how different products and options would appear. One of the most notable features of the Graber Visualizer is the comparison function, by which customers can view two designs side by side to determine which window treatment better suits their style and needs. Customers can also experiment with light and privacy levels, testing different opacities, and virtually raising and lowering blinds or shades and opening and closing shutters. Thanks to a masking function on the tool, room photos will show how the window coverings look behind any furniture that may appear in an uploaded photo.

“Our research shows that consumers’ biggest concern when buying custom window treatments is the fear of making a bad choice that they will be stuck with for years. The Graber Visualizer lets them ‘see’ all their options in their own home and download a high-definition photo of their final selection as a reference to ensure the work is done to their specification,” said Jason Grommon, EVP and president—Dealer Business Unit. “It’s also a very timely tool for today’s market, when customers may be less comfortable with the frequent home visits that usually go with planning and choosing a custom treatment.”

The Graber Visualizer is expected to shorten what is typically an extended decision-making process which, in the case of window fashion shopping, can take anywhere from two to six months. The tool’s inspiration came from original consumer research which called for closing the gap between viewing catalogs and swatches to imagining the finished installation. Though in development for over a year, its debut, in the COVID-19 environment, supports the best practices of social distancing and contactless interaction.

Customers will find the Graber Visualizer, along with full information on the types, styles, colors and fabrics available, here on Graber’s website.