Our Company Culture

Our Best Experience philosophy creates a fast-paced, accountable, engaging, honest, and results-driven culture. And those results have been impressive—for years. Our industry-leading company continues to ambitiously and aggressively pursue new growth opportunities.

But we’re not just growing our business, we’re changing the business—from top to bottom. We’re throwing out the rule book on how things have always been done and asking ourselves how they could be done.


Embracing Change

With robust planning and a clear vision for the future, we’re transforming every area of our business to create an even greater company.

So, as you can imagine, we thrive on critical thinking, resilience, efficiency, and a deep commitment to customer-focused solutions. We’re supported by leadership to take risks and think big.

We don’t have a lot of layers of management, which means we all do interesting work (together!) that makes a big difference.

Guiding Cultural Values

The foundation of our culture is based in these four values. We live by these commitments because they’re the key to creating a Best Experience for our associates and team members, our consumers and end users, and our channel and business partners.

  • Driving Engagement: Creating a climate where people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve its objectives.
  • Instilling Trust: Gaining the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Ensuring Accountability: Holding ourselves and others accountable to meet commitments.
  • Driving Results: Consistently achieving results, even when challenges arise.

Culture Club

Our Culture Club is an integral part of gathering and communicating associates’ input on important initiatives like building design and work environment.

Along with serving as a touchpoint for how to create a Best Experience for our associates, the Culture Club brings the smiles and the fun. Which means they’re also usually bringing some cake.

Through monthly birthday and anniversary celebrations, annual golf outings, BeX games, holiday celebrations, and more, our Culture Club makes sure we remember that work and play go hand-in-hand.