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Our Company Culture

Our Best Experience philosophy creates a collaborative, results-driven culture. And those results have been impressive—for years. Our industry-leading company continues to ambitiously and aggressively pursue new growth opportunities.

But we’re not just growing our business, we’re changing the business—from top to bottom. We’re throwing out the rule book on how things have always been done and asking ourselves how they could be done.


Embracing Change

With robust planning and a clear vision for the future, we’re transforming every area of our business to create an even greater company.

In order to achieve that, we thrive on critical thinking, resilience, and efficiency, with a deep commitment to customer-focused solutions. We’re supported by leadership to take risks and think big. And, since we don’t have a lot of layers of management, we all get to roll up our sleeves and do interesting work— together.

Guiding Cultural Values

At Springs, we deliver a Best Experience by energetically aligning with cultural behaviors that define how we work: Accountability, Engagement, Trust, and Driving Results. Dedicated associates who align themselves with these behaviors and are eager to continuously develop new skills and expertise are offered unparalleled opportunities for professional development and career acceleration.

  • Ensure Accountability: Collectively, we follow through on our commitments and make sure others do the same. We act with a clear sense of ownership and take personal responsibility for decisions, actions, and opportunities to improve.
  • Drive Engagement: Our work is clearly connected to organizational goals. Each of us knows exactly how our contributions affect the goals of the company. We are empowered by inviting input from others and providing our own. Ownership and visibility for meaningful work is shared across the company.
  • Instill Trust: We build trust by following through on our commitments and are candid and truthful in our communications. We show consistency between our words and actions.
  • Drive Results: By having a strong bottom-line orientation, we persist in accomplishing objectives, despite obstacles and setbacks. We push ourselves and help others achieve results, and have a track record of exceeding our goals successfully.