SWF Sales Force Delivers Hats for the Homeless

Posted February 22, 2019

Once they saw their opportunity, the SWF sales force took it. And they delivered, big time.​

During their annual February sales m​​eeting, Springs Window Fashions sales team members created a BEx for homeless families, collecting 600 hats and donating $750 to benefit O’Hare Outreach of Haymarket Center. Haymarket Center's O'Hare Outreach staff assesses the needs of the homeless at the O'​Hare Airport, providing transportation to shelters, treatment facilities, and housing as well as numerous other types of assistance.​

Leo Back from Haymarket Center and Jeanice Spader, Springs Window Fashions Field Sales Representative from Nashville, TN, worked together to bring warmth and hope to hundreds of Midwest families.​​​