Integrity, artistry, and innovation. These are the watchwords of our brand. They guide our decisions. They inform our conversations. They impact every associate every day.

Wellness ImageSimply put, healthy employees live balanced lifestyles where work, play, physical activity and family time are each valued. That’s why we encourage all of our associates to make wellness a priority. We provide gym discounts, information on healthy eating and habits, and other preventative programs.
Safety ImageWhether it’s making our windows shades, blinds, drapery, and hardware easy to operate, updating the designs to prevent injuries to children, or ensuring that our manufacturing plants exceed industry safety standards, we do everything we can to make safety a priority.
Achievement ImageOur associates do great work every day. Whether an associate is publically recognized by a colleague for that little bit of extra help or given a President's Award for making a big difference, we encourage an atmosphere of respect and recognition for a job well done.